Getting a Grip on the Basics (FREE COURSE!)

Are you ready to invest in your own life, strengthen your relationships and set yourself up for success, stability and fruitfulness?

The way we like to say it is simple: if you want to do all the stuff God has prepared for you and if you want to live the joyful, faith-filled life...then, you gotta take time to get the basics!

The basics of what? The basics of reading God's Word, the basics of knowing God, the basics of learning how to hear from Him, the basics of developing your faith, the basics of living an abundant life -- and so much more! 

What's Included In This Course?

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Based on Beth Jones' flagship book, "Getting A Grip On The Basics," we've made this course available completely free! 

13 Modules + 22 Bible-Based Training Videos

Practical, interactive, Bible teaching!

Bonus Materials

13 handouts with practical application and small group discussion or personal reflection questions. 

Chapter 1 | How To Become A Christian

Chapter 2 | How To Be Sure You Are A Christian

Chapter 3 | How To Develop Your Relationship With God

Chapter 4 | How To Talk To God

Chapter 5 | How To Hear From God

Chapter 6 | How To Obey God

Chapter 7 | How To Experience God's Love & Forgiveness

Chapter 8 | How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Chapter 9 | How To Be Sure You Are Filled With The Holy Spirit

Chapter 10 | How To Grow & Develop Your Faith

Chapter 11 | How To Experience The Abundant Life

Chapter 12 | How To Be An Overcomer

Chapter 13 | How To Serve God

Get a sneak peek of: Getting A Grip On The Basics!

Check out this 1-minute video clip of a "basic" you'll hear inside the course:


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