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The Basics University offers you numerous online courses to help you "get the Bible basics" to "live the joyful life" to "do the eternal stuff!" We offer The Basics and Beyond the Basics courses to strengthen your foundation of faith and to equip you to make disciples! We are glad you're here!


Getting a Grip on The Basics Online Course

There's nothing like getting back to the basics of the Bible to strengthen your relationship with God and grow your faith. God, the bible, effective prayer, hearing from God, being filled with the Spirit and so much more! In this course, your foundation will be strengthened and your faith roots will be watered!

The Faith Life Online Course

Living by faith is the great Christian adventure! In this practical course, you'll learn how to live by faith as you navigate in and around Prayerville, Promiseville, Doubtville, Actionville and Patienceville -- and finally arriving in the fulfilling Land of God's Thumbprint!

The Inspired Life Online Course

God never meant for your life to lack purpose, be boring or same old-same old! In this course, you will receive practical tools for discovering your God-given purpose and cultivating an inspiring life of creativity, structure and purpose. It's time to live the life you love!



Do you battle depression, rejection or comparison? If you've ever been dissed, overlooked, snubbed, ignored or invisible, you have felt the pain of rejection. We've all been there, but God wants us to find our acceptance -- and our APPROVAL -- in Him! God wants us to live with confidence and experience His love! This course by Beth Jones is designed to help you do just that.


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What Other Students Are Saying

"Never have I heard the word in such a way that I now fully "get it". I have been a Christian for approximately 25 years, but my relationship with the Lord had gotten cold and I no longer felt the love for the Bible I had in the past. I so appreciate your teaching and am now on fire for the Lord again. I am also sharing your teaching with my friends who expressed their love for your way of teaching. Thank you"

Student in The Basics University

"Found it very down to earth, just the facts without all the "religious" attachments. I look forward to experiencing this course."

Student in The Basics University

"Your use of illustrations makes things so much easier to learn. I'm very familiar with the Bible, and what it says, but learning what it means, with your help, has made it come alive for me. I realize knowing is not the same as believing. Thank you for sharing so much of your life so others can benefit from God's blessings."

Student in The Basics University

"Excited about this course. I want my roots to be solid, secure and strong! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift."

Student in The Basics University

"I recently felt moved to further and deepen my knowledge of the Bible and build a more intimate relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. I feel as if I was meant to come across you and this offer. I am listening to the Spirit guiding me to this study and am looking forward to establishing a strong foundation."

Student in The Basics University

"I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity. My desire is to know God, please Him and for His will to be done in my life. I love The Basics with Beth and I have already learnt a lot from you. I'm not an English speaking person but your explanation is very easy for me to understand. I'm looking forward to this course and I'm ready to receive and to implement. Thank you very much."

Student in The Basics University

Meet The Founder: Beth Jones!

For the past 30 years, Beth Jones has been focused on helping people draw near to the Lord by learning the Bible basics. Her passion is equipping men, women, boys and girls in God's Word. For her that means, helping everyone "get the basics" of faith by having a working knowledge of the Bible; so they can "live the joyful life" Jesus desires for every follower of His;  so they can "do the eternal stuff" of leading people to Christ, making disciples and building His Church.  

Beth has written over 20 books which are being used by thousands of people around the world and in 20 languages. Through The Basics With Beth ministry outreach, Beth and the BWB Team are taking the basics to the world via The Basics University, The Basics with Beth TV program, The Basics With Beth podcast and a weekly email devotional. 

Beth and her husband Jeff, founded Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1991 -- and together they serve as the Senior Pastors.

To learn more about Beth, visit: www.thebasicswithbeth.com.


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