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Hi, friends. Welcome to The Basics University Online where learning the basics of the Bible is fun! We are so happy you're here. The Basics University Online is designed for ANYONE ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. By utilizing a step-by-step, systematic process -- each online course includes: class syllabus, introductory training, short video teaching sessions in each module, downloadable worksheets and/or ebooks, bonus material and additional recommendations. These courses can be taken in the 4-step order we recommend -- or if preferred, in any order you desire. If you're ready for the God-dots-to-connect, go ahead and take the first step: ENROLL in one or all of the courses below.


A Quick Introduction From Beth Jones

What if you could reinvent your life? Want to "bust the Bible dust," start over and live a great life with God? You can! It’s never too late to do things God’s way and get God’s RESULTS -- to live in the real freedom, peace, and satisfaction you’ve been dreaming about! Reinventing your life STARTS with the right foundation, and that starts by learning (or relearning) the basics of the Bible. For the past 30 years, I've been OBSESSED with helping people like you master the basics of faith because I know the life-transforming results you will experience no matter how young or old you are. That’s actually the whole reason we’ve created The Basics University Online! Our proven 4-step growth track: “Grow. Flow. Know. Go.” is expertly designed to empower your spiritual development and to help you ACCELERATE your life with the Lord! Ready to break out of the old patterns into a new life? I can't wait to help you!

The Basics University: 4-Step Growth Track

BASIC #1 GROW: The Rooted Life

Ready to GROW in your walk with the Lord? The 7 basics in this course will move you from knowing God in theoretical ways to knowing Him deeply as a true disciple and child of God. In the 7-modules you will learn the basics of the Christian life, including how to: Get to Know God, Get Into the Bible, Get Comfortable in Prayer, Get Into a Good Church, Get Excited To Tell Somebody, Get Your Head on Straight and Get Ready for an Adventure. As you watch the video training and read through the downloadable ebook you'll feel your spiritual roots going deeper into God and His Word. 


BASIC #2 FLOW: The Spirit Empowered Life

Ready to FLOW with the Holy Spirit more fluently? In this 4-module course you will learn the basics of the Spirit empowered life, including: Getting to Know the Holy Spirit, Being Filled with the Spirit, Praying in the Spirit and Being Led By the Spirit. As you watch the short video lessons and download the free ebook, you will experience the Holy Spirit in your life in a fresh way.

ENROLL - $25

BASIC #3: KNOW: The Generous Life

Ready to KNOW the laws of God's economy? In this 4-module course you will learn how God views money. You'll learn the basics on what the Bible says about God's plan for the life of wealth and generosity. Find out what God says about why He wants His people to be generous, including: the blessing of the tithe, the multiplied fruit of offerings and the investment of alms given to the poor. Through video teaching and the downloadable ebook, your faith to live a blessed and generous life will grow! 

ENROLL - $25

BASIC #4 GO: The Inspired Life

Ready to GO live the inspired life and impact the world around you? In this 7-module course you will learn how to live an inspired life including: discovering your God-given purpose, maximizing your time, organizing your life, designing the space you love, enjoying your life, influencing others for Christ and more! As you watch each short video and complete the downloadable worksheets you will enjoy a new confidence and greater hope for your future. When you unlock your God-given potential you will be empowered to go into your world to make a difference!

ENROLL - $50

"Never have I heard the word in such a way that I now fully "get it". I have been a Christian for approximately 25 years, but my relationship with the Lord had gotten cold and I no longer felt the love for the Bible I had in the past. I so appreciate your teaching and am now on fire for the Lord again. I am also sharing your teaching with my friends who expressed their love for your way of teaching. Thank you"

Student in The Basics University

"Found it very down to earth, just the facts without all the "religious" attachments. I look forward to experiencing this course."

Student in The Basics University

"Your use of illustrations makes things so much easier to learn. I'm very familiar with the Bible, and what it says, but learning what it means, with your help, has made it come alive for me. I realize knowing is not the same as believing. Thank you for sharing so much of your life so others can benefit from God's blessings."

Student in The Basics University

"Excited about this course. I want my roots to be solid, secure and strong! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift."

Student in The Basics University

"I recently felt moved to further and deepen my knowledge of the Bible and build a more intimate relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. I feel as if I was meant to come across you and this offer. I am listening to the Spirit guiding me to this study and am looking forward to establishing a strong foundation."

Student in The Basics University

"I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity. My desire is to know God, please Him and for His will to be done in my life. I love The Basics with Beth and I have already learnt a lot from you. I'm not an English speaking person but your explanation is very easy for me to understand. I'm looking forward to this course and I'm ready to receive and to implement. Thank you very much."

Student in The Basics University

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