The Faith Life Online Course

What if I told you God has a big faith adventure for you? It's true -- He does!

In this 5-module course with 20 short teaching videos and 15 downloadable worksheets, you will learn how to take a real faith adventure that has God's thumbprint all over it. 

You don’t have to feel stuck or discouraged in your Christian life any more! It’s time to get moving towards the incredible future God has for you! 

What's Included In This Course?

5 Modules + 20 Bible-Based Training Videos

Practical, interactive, Bible teaching!

15 Downloadable Worksheets

These customizable worksheets will help you navigate your own faith adventure! 

Bonus Materials

Enjoy additional audio and video teachings to grow your faith!

Module 1: Prayerville

Intro to Prayerville
Lesson 1: What's Your "X Marks The Spot?"
Lesson 2: How To Seek The Lord In Prayerville
Lesson 3: It's Okay To Ask Big! 

Module 2: Promiseville

Intro to Promiseville
Lesson 1: Discovering Your Mission, Vision, Code
Lesson 2: What Can You Learn From Abraham?
Lesson 3: How to Mix Faith With What You Hear

Module 3: Doubtville

Intro to Doubtville
Lesson 1: Two Secrets for Avoiding Doubtville
Lesson 2: How to Recognize the Signs of Doubtville
Lesson 3: Send these Thugs of Doubtville Packing

Module 4: Actionville 

Intro to Actionville
Lesson 1: Need a Miracle On Your Faith Adventure? 
Lesson 2: What Should I Do First in Actionville? 
Lesson 3: How to Walk It and Talk It in Actionville

Module 5: Patienceville

Intro to Patienceville
Bonus Clip: The Rosebush by Beth Jones
Lesson 1: Why You Should Jump For Joy!
Lesson 2: How to Expedite Your Visit to Patienceville
Lesson 3: What Is God Doing in You in Patienceville?

Get a sneak peek of: The Faith Life!

Check out this 1-minute video clip of a "basic" you'll hear inside the course:


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