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Sign up here for the "14-Day Basics Reboot" from Beth Jones. Build your life on a strong foundation of faith. Deepen your roots in the Bible basics. Invest your time into a basics reboot and set yourself up for success.

For 14-days in a row, you'll receive an email with these three things: a short 3-5 minute video Bible teaching, an encouraging devo and a shareable inspirational image to use as a screen saver or to share with others.

What You'll Receive In The "14-Day Basics Reboot"

Every day for 14-days in a row, you'll receive an email in your inbox containing these three things -- a short video Bible teaching, an encouraging devo and a shareable inspirational image. All of these things are created to help you: Get the Basics. Live the Life. Do the Stuff.

14 Days of Short Videos

Every day, we'll send you a short, 3-5 minute video to help you learn a specific basic Bible truth that will help to reboot your Christian life. #getthebasics

14 Days of Short Devotionals

Every day, we'll send you a short, basic devo so you can read up on the practical ways to apply the Bible in your every day life. #livethelife

14 Days of Inspirational Images

Every day, we'll send you a fresh and inspiring image to use as a screen saver or to share on social media. These images will remind you of the power of the basics in your own life. #dothestuff

BONUS: Contests & Prizes

As we approach the launch of this new Reboot experience, we'll be holding contests and giving away prizes. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @bethjones to get in on the fun! #havethefun

Just Some Of The Basics We'll Cover In Our 14 Days:

Watch The Basics With Beth TV For More!

Before, during and after your 14-Day Basics Reboot, we invite you to watch The Basics With Beth TV and strengthen your faith. 

We are passionate about empowering you in the basics of faith and in equipping churches with basics resources -- and do you know why? Because, biblical illiteracy is at an all time high these days. Too many people "don't know what they don't know" and we don't want you to be one of them. We want to empower you to "get the basics, live the life and do the stuff" so you can help others, also!

After all, when a recent poll by the Barna Group found that 12% of adults thought Joan of Arc was Noah's wife -- and 50% of graduating high schoolers thought Sodom and Gomorrah were a husband and wife, you know we have a big problem!

That's why all bets are off in 2018 -- and we are going full-speed to help everyone, everywhere get a grip on the basics of the Bible! We invite you to help us spread the word. Let your friends know about this 14-Day Basics Reboot and then be sure to join Beth every week on The Hillsong Channel and the Faith Network for The Basics with Beth TV. (Click for television channels and on-demand listings.)

Finally, if you're hungry for more, you are invited to enroll in The Basics University, too!


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