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Basics Spiritual Growth Track

> What if you could know God's promises for your life?

> What if you could have a personal mentor (me!) to help answer your biggest Bible questions?

Through the 4 foundational courses in our basics spiritual growth track, I'll help you connect the Bible dots in a step-by-step way -- at your own pace and in your own space!

You can access all 4 courses (more than 30 hours of Bible video teaching!) for a one-time fee of just $39 ($200+ value!!) plus each course includes a free ebook written by Beth Jones with additional teaching and scriptures ($48 total value).  

This complete growth track will help you develop unshakeable faith in God's Word -- for such a time as this! 

Basics Spiritual Growth Track courses & topics includes:

1. Getting a Grip on the Basics Video Course

  • How to Become a Christian 
  • How to Be Sure You are a Christian
  • How to Develop Your Relationship with God 
  • How to Talk to God 
  • How to Hear from God 
  • How to Obey God
  • How to Experience God's Love and Forgiveness
  • How to Be Filled with the Spirit 
  • How to Be Sure You are Filled with the Spirit 
  • How to Grow and Develop Your Faith
  • How to Experience the Abundant Life
  • How to be an Overcomer 
  • How to Serve God
  • PLUS: Getting a Grip on the Basics ebook by Beth Jones

2. Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God Video Course 

  • How To View The Big Picture
  • How To Tap Into God's Plan For Your Life
  • How To Lose Your Life
  • How To Be Great In God's Kingdom
  • How To Find Your Place
  • How To Function In Your Local Church
  • How To Follow God's Plan For Spiritual Authority
  • How To Be An Asset To God's Kingdom 
  • How To Have Dynamic Leader/Follower Relationships
  • How To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing 
  • PLUS: Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God ebook by Beth Jones

3. Getting a Grip on the Basics of Health & Healing

  • The "What About" Questions
  • Diet, Stress & Fitness
  • In The Beginning 
  • What Really Happened At The Cross? 
  • Jesus Went About Healing & Doing Good
  • Our New Covenant
  • Be Sure You Qualify
  • God's Word Works
  • PLUS: Getting a Grip on the Basics of Health & Healing ebook by Beth Jones

4. Getting a Grip on the Basics of Generous Living 

  • What Is Generous Living? 
  • "Yeah, But What About?" Questions
  • The Motive Question
  • In The Beginning 
  • Poor Jesus? 
  • God's Economy 
  • No "Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme" 
  • The Sky Is The Limit 
  • PLUS: Getting a Grip on the Basics of Generous Living ebook by Beth Jones



What Others Are Saying:

It's so exciting that I have already received revelation from the Lord after taking only one part of one course! And it has confirmed some things I have already known. Thank you!


Thank you for feeding my knowledge and faith. You are a wonderful mentor.


Thank you for making it so simple and practical. Your basics classes make it clear that it is that firm foundation that gives us the strength to overcome many trials.