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The Generous Life of Tithes, Offerings, Alms

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What you'll get:

  • eBook Copy of "Wealth and Generosity" by Beth Jones
  • Video Teachings that cover the entire book
  • You will be established in the basics of God's plan for wealth and the principles associated with giving tithes, offerings and alms.

Are you ready for an enjoyable, line-upon-line Bible study on the subject of wealth and generosity? Are you ready for a faith-filled adventure to get wealth the way God intends? Are you ready to blow past your current ceiling of generosity to experience new joys in giving? 

This book is for:

  • Anyone who wants to tap into God's economy and make an eternal difference with his or her life.
  • Those who grew up in the church, but never really understood the blessing of tithing.
  • People with big hearts, who don't fully understand the promises of multiplied fruit through offerings.
  • Those who want to help the poor, but don't know that alms are the way to partner with God Himself to help those in need.
  • Pastors, Leaders, and Difference Makers looking for an enjoyable, practical, simple, step-by-step teaching tool to help those they lead understand God's principals for creating wealth and living generously.

In this course, you will go on a practical journey though the Bible to experience new levels of understanding, wealth and generosity. The four sessions include:

  • The Life of Wealth and Generosity
  • The Blessing of the Tithe
  • The Multiplied Fruit of Offerings
  • The Investment of Alms for the Poor