$9.99 USD or more

The Faith Life

You get to name the price! Now you can take this course for any price over $9.99 -- and this will include everything below.

What you'll get:

  • Various guided handouts
  • Video Teachings that every aspect of the faith life
  • You will be established in the basics of your faith and empowered to life out your own faith adventure

The life of faith is an adventure! This course will take you on that adventure and will help you live a life where God's thumprint is evident!

We will start in Prayerville, then we will move on to Promiseville. We will be navigating through Doubtville and proceeding to Actionville and Patienceville. Ultimately, we will arrive at our customized destinations where God's thumbprint is evidenced throughout our lives and every step of our journey!