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The Inspired Life - Online Course

Your Order Includes:

-Credentials for one login access to The Inspired Life online course

-Introductory and Welcome Materials

-7 Modules of Training which includes 25+ Training Videos

-26 Downloadable Worksheets

- Plus, inspiring Bonus teaching audio and video teaching + downloadable book of Scriptures to speak over your life

For more details on each course visit: The Basics University 

What People Are Saying:

“I've been fortunate to hear and receive training from multiple world-renowned life and executive coaches, but The Inspired Life course with Beth Jones trumps them all! Its concise, digestible modules leave you not only inspired, but also equipped to go and live the life you love! I've come away from many seminars with the "that's great, but..." mindset, but The Inspired Life sessions truly do set you up with a clear and easy plan to implement immediately. Don't wait to jump into The Inspired Life!”


“What I love about The Inspired Life course is... finally a comprehensive course that moves the playing field off of the church pew into "the home place" where real life believer's live. Going through the course I felt... overwhelmed at times by all of my "handicaps." Then I realized that young or old~we all have them so don't allow what you've know about your (boring/uneventful/unfortunate) past to keep you from embracing your spectacular future! He makes everything beautiful in it's time. I feel that this course...is a strategic opportunity for the body of Christ. In an hour where 5 generations of the Church (and humanity) are alive on the planet~ this is one tool that can accelerate all believers to a place of maximum impact in the earth.”


“You have a divine destiny! Do you know what it is? The Inspired Life course is a practical tool and resource you can use to gain further clarity on God's purpose for your life. I love this course! In some ways it's been a great reminder of certain things God has already spoken to my heart and in other ways it's given me a fresh perspective. If you're ready to embark on an amazing journey with God at the helm for the first time or one of re-discovery this course is for you!”


“The Inspired Life Course has put a fire back inside my heart to reach my goals and fulfill my God-given purpose! Love Beth Jones and how easy this course was to apply right away.”


“Going through The Inspired Life course, I felt a lot of "pushed down" passions being brought to the surface. I used to push down desires I felt in my heart just because I didn't know what to do with them! This course helped them become clear, and I was finally able to form a coherent plan about where to go with the aspirations I have had my whole life!”


“Sometimes life goes at such a fast pace that you don't take the time to pause and really intentionally plan out where you want to be in life. That has been my story in a lot of ways, until this course! In taking The Inspired Life, I am learning the value - and the FUN - of being intentional about seeing my gifts and talents more clearly, all while developing a greater vision for my future! This isn't just another course about finding your purpose - The Inspired Life is fun, practical, real-life and truly for anyone and everyone! No matter what your age or season of life, you'll enjoy this process and truly benefit from this journey.”


“Thanks so much for this course. I can't wait for my wife to be able to take it. The site is so clean and bright. Very inviting and not too busy. Love the site, the content, and the takeaways. Well done!”


“I'm so glad I went through this course. I'm not only inspired to discover the purpose and mission for my life, but to live it out! It's been awhile since I've been so excited about something!”