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Getting a Grip on the Basics on Generous Living

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  • eBook Copy of "Getting a Grip on the Basics of Generous Living"
  • Video Teachings that cover the entire book
  • You will be established in the basics of God's economic laws and principles for generosity and increase. 

God wants His people to prosper and succeed in life. In fact, we cannot give what we do not have - so it's imperative that God's people DO prosper in every way! That doesn't mean there won't be challenges, tribulations and trials to push past; but when we know that Jesus desires for us to experience the abundant life full of increase, this enables us to fight the fight of faith to prosper in order to be a blessing others.

Through this material and studying the Scriptures, Christians will not only see the truth about God's plan for their abundant provision, but they will be empowered to walk in it as they act on the laws that govern biblical prosperity. This course/book is excellent for individual Bible study, small groups or church curriculum.

This workbook covers:

  • "What is Generous Living?" Success and Generosity Defined
  • The "Yeah, But What about?" Common Questions About Money
  • "The Motive Question" Why do You Want to Succeed?
  • "In the Beginning..." Abundance and Generosity from Cover to Cover
  • "Poor Jesus?" Was Jesus Successful and Generous?
  • "God's Economy" Generosity is God's Method
  • "No Get-Rich-Quick Scheme" Employ Stewardship, Faith, Wisdom & Diligence
  • "The Sky is The Limit" Expand Your Vision for Success and Generosity